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Conservatives 60's & 70's
Harold Macmillan Ill choral madman
Margaret Hilda Thatcher Ha, the large rich mad tart
Peter Thorneycroft The creepy rot front
Duncan Sandys Sad nuns candy
Enoch Powell Hell, open cow
Nigel Birch I bench girl
Derick Heathcoat Amory Okay, I'm the hardcore act
Iain Macleod I demonical
Reginald Maudling Alarming idle dung
Edward Heath Wet hard head
Edward Boyle Old weary bed
Alec Douglas-Home Madhouse college

American Politicians 60's & 70's

American Politicians 80's & 90's
Conservative Politicians 60's & 70's
Conservative Politicians 80's & 90's
Government Departments
Labour Politicians 60's & 70's
Labour Politicians 80's & 90's
Osama Bin Laden
Political Parties
Pre War British Politicians
World Leaders

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