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Conservatives 80's & 90's
Jonathan Aitken, perjury defendant Thief and a jerk and unrepentant, joy.
William Hague Laugh, I wail, me
Virginia Bottomley I'm an evil tory bigot
Norman Lamont Not normal man
Michael Heseltine He is the ill menace
Kenneth Clarke MP Lent knacker hemp
Harry Greenway MP Hyper wary German
Peter Lilley Reptile yell
Nigel Lawson We all sign on
David Howell Had wild love
David Mellor Am old drivel
Edwina Currie Ice urine ward

American Politicians 60's & 70's

American Politicians 80's & 90's
Conservative Politicians 60's & 70's
Conservative Politicians 80's & 90's
Government Departments
Labour Politicians 60's & 70's
Labour Politicians 80's & 90's
Osama Bin Laden
Political Parties
Pre War British Politicians
World Leaders

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