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British Comedies 1980's & 90's
Blackadder the second Deathbed cock slander
The Brittas empire Him prettier beast
Carrots lib Broils tract
The comic strip presents Cheers, impotent scripts
The young ones Hey, no tongues
Have I got news for you Heavens, our goofy wit
Girls on top Groin plots
Shooting stars It's host groans
Men behaving badly Gamble behind navy
The new statesman That wet meanness
Auf wiedersehen pet Featuring sheep wine
Only fools and horses No, sod loony flashers

American Comedies 60's & 70's

American Comedies 80's & 90's
American TV Actors
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British Comedies 60's & 70's
British Comedies 80's & 90's
British Sports Presenters

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